"When Can I Start EMDR?"

When you you have good ways to take care of yourself and cope. This is because when I help you process negative thoughts like "I'm not good enough," it can be quite intense; many people cry during processing. I would not want to finish processing and find out we missed a memory and it caused you distress later. I'm especially concerned if there's any self harm or suicidal ideation in your history. It could make any of your negative coping skills worse if we don’t get every memory.

*If you want to do EMDR tell me at the beginning of session. Oftentime we spend a lot of time talking about current events and then there is not sufficient time to do a full set of EMDR. EMDR may not always be possible due to service issues and my hearing loss.

Below is a list of the negative and positive cognitions. Do you relate to any of the negative cognitions/thoughts?

Negative Cognitions


I am not good enough

I am a bad person

I don’t deserve love

I am not lovable

I am inadequate

I am worthless

I am weak

I am permanently damaged

I am shameful


I should have done something

I should have known better

I should have done more

I did something wrong

It is my fault


I am not safe

I can’t trust anyone

I am in danger

I can’t protect myself

I am going to die

It is not ok to feel or show my emotions


I am not in control

I am powerless

I am helpless

I am weak

I cannot be trusted

I cannot trust myself

Positive Cognitions

I am good enough

I am a good person

I deserve love

I am lovable

I am adequate

I have value

I am strong

I am healthy (or can be)

I have honor

I did the best I could

I do the best I can

I did my best

I learned from it

I did my best

I am safe now

I can choose who to trust

It’s over, I am safe now

I can (learn to) take care of myself

I am safe now, I am alive

I can safely feel and show my emotions

I am in control now

I have choices now

I control my destiny

I am strong

I can be trusted

I can trust myself (or learn to